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prosecutors in illinois say a man named mickey was facing a long prison sentence for a drug conviction in 2007 and wanted one last party but was short on cash. he came up with a plan to pay for the party. he and a couple other guys hatched a plot to steal a car and rob a bank. one of his partners was an informant to the f.b.i. acts were waiting for him and a judge sentenced him yesterday 19 months. that's on top of the time he had to serve for the drug conviction. i'm trace gallagher. that's it for "studio b" with shepard smith, harris faulkner is in for the "fox report." the dow is down for the fifth day in a row. eric bolling in for neil on your world which starts right now. you're looking live at the white house where last minute
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talks are under way to avoid the tax ma go aheaden. is a rushed deal a bad deal? welcome, i'm eric bolling in for neil cavuto and this is your world. democratic and g.o.p. leaders converging on the white house about an hour ago. and that's where they are now. meeting with the president as we speak in the oval office. we're told treasury secretary tim geithner joined the talks, trying to hammer out a deal to stop tax hikes and spending cuts from kicking in at the new year. one lawmaker calling the pressure red hot but is this any way to fix the fiscal mess? we'll get a live report from the white house in a minute. first, craig smith says no deal is better than a bad one. he's chairman of swiss america. that's stay on the economy. i agree with you, no deal. i think i've called it the obama cliff and said we should swan dive over the cliff because it
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would be one thing democrats could get through their head when they cut spending. >> i agree completely. this is crazy that we're even having that discussion, eric. august spending 256-171 the ryan budget was passed extending tax relief for all americans. 19 democrats voted for that. it was handed to mr. reid, mr. obama starting the warfare about taxing the rich. reid sat on the bill. why didn't he bring it up for a vote? why didn't it get fair debate? mr. reid hasn't passed a budget and we going to believe they're serious about the fiscal problems? let's go offense the cliff. >> we have two cameras outside the white house right now. that one i believe is perched on pennsylvania avenue and we have another camera which is perched facing the side entrance.
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those are the suvs that likely boehner, mcconnell, pelosi and reid will come out of. let's talk about the deal. what if there's a deal, craig, for, i don't know, say 4 hr $500,000 the threshold of who gets taxes and who keeps -- everybody under that number keeps their tax cuts. everyone over pays more and there's spending cuts. is that a bad deal? >> yeah. i think it is. let me tell you why. because you can't get everything out of this deal that you want and frankly, all we're doing is kicking the can down the road. you know as well as i do this does nothing to deal with the $1 trillion plus deficits we have yearly. this is the fifth year in a row, we're going to have $20 trillion worth of debt on top of $48 trillion worth a long-term liabilities by the time mr. obama leaves office. this is the time to deal with this issue. we've been kicking it down the road ten years.
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we promised the nation in 2011 under the budget deal with the sequesters we would not let this get away from us. we shouldn't this time. for mr. obama to suggest i've cut a trillion in spending because he saved money on the wars in afghanistan is gimmicks. they a work. >> i have to be honest, it's both sides. it strikes me these lawmakers on either side don't have a real fix to what we're looking at, the national debt, screaming out of control. we're going to exceed that limit on monday night. >> i wouldn't disagree but look at the facts. we did have a republican controlled congress that passed a bill. if reid didn't like the bill, let it go for debate. let his senate vote it down and say no, we're not going to accept these conditions. >> let me ask you this, then. interesting question. president obama gets his own deal, sends it over to the republicans, they have the same
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dilemma. >> well, they may. but i think you would at least see a fair dee beat. look, i think the average american realizes we have to cut spending. you know the numbers. >> craig, i have to ask you -- i have to stop you. i don't think they do. we ran a package yesterday, we sent the producer out on the street, showed people how much more they would pay in taxes after we go offer the fiscal cliff and they were like wow, i had no idea. where were you november 6 when you a chance to vote against doing that? i don't think the average american understands. >> they were listening to pimp with a limp and david letterman, a nice guy who knows nothing about economics. social security, defense, medicare, medicaid, the health programs and the cost of interest on our debt are the five -- four main drivers of our debt. five main drivers of our debt. that's not going to change. 50% of our budget.
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a little bit more when you leave defense in there. we have to cut spending. why won't the president say look, we have to cut spending. it's like social security. we paid in all these years. people paid madoff. >> you're 100% right. revenues go up every year but spending goes up more. craig smith, thank you very much. it's been almost a full hour, almost a full hour since the white house meeting started. ed henry at the white house on what we can glean from there. for an hour. we're 55 minutes into the meeting. is that a good sign or a bad sign? >> it could be a good sign. it's hard to tell but i will note previous times that the president had just speaker boehner over, those meetings would last 45, 50 minutes. now the fact we're getting on to an hour, maybe it will end in the next 30 seconds and my theory will be blown but if it lasts 30, 40 minutes more that
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would suggest it's going longer in the sense they're kicking proposal back and forth. the previous meetings between the president and speaker seemed seemed -- if this goes longer it's a sign they're trying to work it out. senator max backus said today this meeting is what will decide it. he put that much pressure on both sides. he said they're running out of time. the bottom line of what the president is doing, he's going through three points that are basically his plan c. he had plan a, the 4 trillion-dollar plan. that wasn't going anywhere. plan b from boehner. now plan c. unemployment extended for 2 million people and finally, as you just talked about, a small amount of spending cuts, enough to shut off the sequester. but not major kits. not major changes to medicare. that would be kicking the can
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down the road to next year. they're running out of time. final point is that a source familiar with the meeting on the white house side tells us that the president in this meeting is telling lawmakers if you don't have a counter to the three points i just laid out, bring my proposal up as the final plan for an up or down vote. a games manship from the president. we're running out of time so you have to vote on something. number two, if house republicans vote the president's plan down and we go off the cliff the president would blame republicans and say i had a plan, the republicans couldn't pass it. there's a blame game here. >> that's why he would do it. he can say i came up with a plan, you voted it down. it's not my fault. he can come back in january and february and say maybe we'll try something else. ed, a point, $250,000 and below are the people who would retain tax cuts. the house couldn't even pass a
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bill or proposal that had a million dollars and below. there's no way that one flies. do you expect these guys to come to cameras and if they do or don't, what does that tell you? >> before the meeting they told us they would decide after the meeting whether or not they came to the cameras. what that tells me is they're not sure if they'll have a deal. if they're further apart, they're not come to get cameras. that could tell me we're going anywhere. if they come to the cameras it suggests there's break through going on behind closed doors and they'll come out and breathe new life. in everybody rushes out, gets in the suvs and we show the camera shot from behind the fence and they rush out of here, it might suggest it's falling apart. >> by the way, if they come to the cameras and we get statements, we'll take those and come back to you. thanks for standing by. if there's no deal, are we looking at a major market
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selloff? the dow diving 160 points again today, now suffering the longest losing streak in three months. gerri, let's stay on the markets. this stock market since president obama and john boehner announced they did have a deal last thursday night, the stock market has been down, down, down. >> it's following every twist and turn in the story. you've got to figure that professional investors are watching and they know it means they're going to have a good quarter, bad quarter, good year or bad and it will impact consumer quarter. it's about the economy and how much money consumers there have. consumer sentiment is down. you found in the street that some people were saying i don't know how much money i'll be out-of-pocket. when they see this and they'll see it in the first paycheck, you'll see less money.
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i think there will be wall of shame. there's going to be big complaints. >> my gut feeling is nothing would be better than going over the fiscal cliff. it will hurt but five, ten years down the nothing, we'll be better and healthier. we just got news that president obama was going to meet or a phone call meet with some business leaders. >> right. the white house calling c.e.o.s, a regularly scheduled meeting. presumably it's a regular scheduled meeting not to say we're going over the fiscal cliff. >> the president won't be doing this but the white house will be. >> that's right. it will be interesting to see if we get response out of this. people in the meeting with the president could come to the microphones. so could c.e.o.s. >> we wanted to let you viewers know we're going to monitor the white house. we have two cameras focused on the white house waiting for the leaders to leave and
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specifically see if they approach a microphone and camera and let us know what's going on. we'll take that if we get that. thank you, gerri willis. >> you know how he protected other nation's border but wait until you hear how sheriff aarpaio wants to protect our schools. he's here next. blah
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you're looking live at the white house just outside the white house, senator john kerry, for some reason he's outside the white house. inside, president obama and the house and senate leaders. we'll keep our eye on. ,. a border battleon the mexican government using our court system to fight arizona's sb1070 immigration law. it wants a u.s. circuit court of
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appeals to block part the of the law that makes it illegal to protect illegal immigrants. mexicans say it's anti-immigration and antimexico. jamie weinstein says it's anti-illegal immigration. you listen to this and -- break it down. so mexico wants the arizona courts to say it's illegal to ban harboring illegal mexicans. do i have that right? >> actually, the -- in arizona court, a lower court put this law on hold. it's before the u.s. court much appeals in san francisco where the mexican government filed an amicus brief saying the law, it's illegal to harbor illegal immigrants but only if you're committing a crime or in the process of committing a crime in addition to that. that's the only people in violation. if you're already committing a
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crime or having committed a crime and harboring illegal immigrants. the brief says the law, one, harms diplomatic relation with g united states and prevents the mexican government from negotiating with the united states because they can't say the u.s. government is speaking with one voice because arizona has a different law with this regard, even though it's similar to the federal statute. number 3, it adversely affects mexicans in the united states because it treats them differently in arizona. people wouldn't want to deal with mexican residents or mexican americans. >> neil: illegal. illegal mexicans in the united states. mexico is basically saying they're illegal, braking the law, but you better be able to keep them because we don't want them back? is that what they're saying? >> they're saying it adversely affects legal immigrants because people in arizona will treat those who might be illegal here, those who look latino or
1:17 pm
mexican, differently. but if you read the law, it's hard to see that. the only way you vital the law is if you already committed another crime and if you noli harbor an illegal immigrant. the real question is why is mexico involving itself in a court case? whether you agree or not, i'm someone who favors comprehensive immigration reform, some call me soft on immigration. but mexico has their own problems. corruption down there. you would think they would use their government resources better than involving themself in some provision of the arizona immigration law that really is not even that controversial. >> jamie, thank you for joining us. >> my next guest is known for defending american borders but he's getting attention for how he wants to defend schools. sheriff joe aarpaio is ready to deploy an armed posse to protect
1:18 pm
phoenix schools and kids. sheriff joe, tell me -- an armed posse, how would that work, sir? >> same way it's been working 20 years since i've been sheriff. we've used the armed posse for illegal immigration, hookers. we just finished our program at the malls, deterred any violence. now we're switching the program to the schools to protect the kids, the teachers, and what have you. i think it's a good program and we're going to do it. i don't just talk about it like politicians do after this massacre. we're going to do it within a week. >> how do you implement this? you arm a group. i get that. does every school have a armed posse or do you have -- or armed group that will go have to school? >> right now it's a deterrent, a patrol around the perimeter of the schools.
1:19 pm
to take any action necessary in case there's suspicious activity. it's a deterence affect. i want everybody to know we're out there so maybe the bad guys will think different if they think they're going to cause some type of problems or havoc in the schools. >> wayne lapierre from the nra says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. how is the response from the phoenix area community? do they accept this? they like my posse. i've been doing it 20 years. they love the posse at the malls. as i said, we finished another program, there's no serious crime. so why not utilize volunteers that only operate under the elected sheriff. i swear them in and they're law enforcement. ex cops, you maim it. 3,000, by the way i'm going to recruit more to help fight this problem that we have in the schools.
1:20 pm
>> sheriff joe, i have a couple of seconds. how many schools do you have in the phoenix area? >> well, there's about 2,000 in the state. but there's about in the in my main jurisdiction to i'm going to concentrate on those 50 schools. >> i have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. i want to point out to the viewers, john boehner is leaving the -- he just left the white house and it looks like the meeting has come to an end. it's been -- there he is getting in the car right there with an aide, closing the door. that's boehner's suv. they went in at 3:10. it's 4:19, so an hour and ten minutes. we're going to keep an eye on this and see if any of these guys come to a microphone. >> last minute deal averting a massive union strike up and down the east coast and gulf coast but only for a month.
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why michelle says this cost the costliest union threat yet. off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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you're looking at literally 45 second ago, nancy pelosi exiting the meeting with
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president obama and the republican leaders as well as harry reid and tim geithner e we have bearn boehner who left, nancy pelosi waiting for her suv and she'll take off. she won't speak, she won't come in front of a camera. we're waiting to see if the other lawmakers inside come and let us know what's going on. rich edison is outside the white house right now. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner, and nancy pelosi just left the white house so the meeting has wrapped up. still waiting to see if the senate leaders come out. an official saying the president opened the meeting up by offering essentially what he started negotiations with, so no word if they made progress on anything further to get this resolved. if not, it's bad news considering this is a pposal that republicans say could not
1:25 pm
have pass the house, probably not pass the senate if you have to go with of say 60 vote threshold. >> the fact both the house leaders left without taking a microphone, is that a bad sign? >> we may have lost his audio. again, we'll let you know nancy pelosi and john boehner have left the meeting from the white house. senate leaders are still inside and we'll monday store the white house. we'll keep an eye on things and let you know. in the meantime, a massive container crisis averted. the powerful dock workers union agreeing to a temporary deal with shippers today. that means east and gulf coast ports say hope through the weekend but the fight is far from over. phil keating has the latest from miami. phil? >> this just goes to show that two sides can in fact come to
1:26 pm
negotiated deal. it's great news for millions of american workers in the u.s. consumer supply chain as well as untold numbers of american consumers because all of the prices that they depend on might have gone up. bottom line, no strike on sunday. both sides remain mum so we don't know the details of this, temporary deal just yet. the sticking point had been container royalties paid to the longshoremen. the heavier the container, the more they got paid. owners wanted it capped alt last year's level, longshoremen did not. the container royalty payment issue has been agreed on in principle inside, electronics, clothing, components, airline parts, every consumer product you can think of. both exports and imports.
1:27 pm
a strike would have shortened supply and raised prices and hit the economy far harder than the port strike in california. >> there was a strike in long beach in los angeles a few weeks ago, just clerks, and it cost the area $1 billion a day. >> reporter: and late this afternoon, the 30-day extension was given an extra week to february 6rd is the deadline to get this worked out. if not, we'll be right back to where we were this morning, worrying about a massive strike. >> thank you, phil. forget job security and safety standards, my next guest says the union strike threat is about protecting big labor and corrupt practices. you don't like the 30-day deal. >> i'm holding my breath and i know a lot of people in the industry and it's a wide amount of people, who are affected here as phil mentioned. a huge amount of the american economy that is basically under
1:28 pm
the thumb and gun of big labor threats. the l.a. and long beach strike that lasted a little over a week around thanksgiving was estimated by some estimates to have cost a billion dollar a day. this would have been far worse. i don't think it's over. we're not out of woods. we don't know the details. and the sticking point has been these container royalties, an issue i've covered more than a year. what people need to know is it's a an archaic holdover from the '60s and '70s, essentially every longshoreman on the east coast, on the gulf coast, is paid something on the order of $16,000 per head for the containers fees. it's a relic from the age when unions were very concerned when america was moving towards modernization. it was basically a payoff to big
1:29 pm
labor to compensate for automated cargo weighing. now, think about your average worker in any other industry. do they get compensation or payoff because america moved forward and we have advanced in technology? it's ridiculous. even the maritime association, the negotiating table, isn't asking for it to be completely eliminated, which is where i think it should be, but just capped and they're treated it's a if they're abridging a human rights here. >> we keep our eye on this. i want to change gears. we're watching the white house. we saw speaker boehner leave and house minority leader pelosi leave. neither one is telling us what's going on. what is your gut? what do you think's going on? do we have a deal or no deal? >> my gut is feeling queazy.
1:30 pm
a lot of fiscal conservatives have been very worried about what john boehner may be giving up at the table here. i think that's why there's grassroots agitation for a fresh injection of leadership on capitol hill on the house republican side. there's always been a sense as long as these fiscal cliff negotiations have been going on an predating that to the last time the debt ceilings negotiations or give away that we're giving up way too much. and the sense is that it's all a could -- kabuki theater. >> president obama caught the hawaii vacation short for what reason? >> that's act one or two of the kabuki. to make it seem as though even though he flew off for vacation, he cares about what is happening. that's why so many americans and fox viewers obviously in
1:31 pm
particular are fed up with what's going on in d.c. because it seems there's always a predetermined conclusion. and for the last 30, 40 years in american politics, that end has been kicking the can down the road further and not telling america that finally once and for all we need to just suck it up, take the consequences of all of the provely gacy over the years in washington, d.c. when they say cut spending, mean it. >> mean it. >> efficient the fiscal cliff, it should be called the obama cliff and swan dive over it. good idea or bad idea? >> yeah. i think that would be part of accepting all the consequences and letting the chips fall where they need to fall. but i think what the house republicans need to do especially, knowing that they had whatever mandate they did have after the election, house to be the opposition party, to
1:32 pm
stand for core limited government principles and not sell us down the river. particularly all the small business operators and entrepreneurs trying']jñ to kep their head above water. >> thank you very much. have great weekend. >> you too. we have senate minority leader mitch mcconnell existing the meeting now. we're going to keep our eye out and hopefully one of these guys comes to a camera. in the watch it. former president george bush bush remains in intensive care but good news regarding his condition. we'll have the latest from outside his houston hospital coming up next. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's.
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of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ g.o.p. and democratic leaders departing the white house. in the meantime, president george bush remains in intensive care at the houston hospital. after days of dire speculation a family spokesman offering hope. mike tobin has the latest from houston. >> reporter: the latest release includes a phrase continues to improve in association with the former president's condition. the staff around former president bush made an effort to be lighthearted with the releases and optimistic, acknowledging he's pretty sick and he's 88.
1:36 pm
he's in the intensive care unit for a stubborn fever brought on as a complication with bronchitis that caused him to be hospitalized back toward the end of november. the staff around him is being jewish in terms of information they're giving out in part because he's so beloved that people will overreact if they get information. we do know from the staff he has been conversational with the nursing staff that is around him. if you ever had an opportunity to cover this president, particularly since his term ended, he's a funny guy, a stitch a minute. consistent with his personalty he's cracking jokes with the hospital staff but he's taking it further and singing with the hospital staff. you can interpret that as a good sign all the while taking into consideration they're not in a hurry to move him from intensive care or from the hospital. >> yesterday was watching this show and enjoyed the segment we
1:37 pm
did on it. despite the president's improved condition, his doctors remain cautious. what could their concerns be? to doctor ernest patty from the bronx. it's a good sign if he's cracking jokes from. d he let them know he was watching us and having a good time. >> those are optimistic things, cracking jokes, singing, interacting with the staff. let's not forget he's a world war ii veteran and always had an optimistic personality. they're all good beasts -- boosts to the immune system. >> what about the infection? >> any time you have bronchitis or infectious disease your body responds with fever. it's been a long period of time and they haven't pinpointed the
1:38 pm
source of the fever. that's why i assume that he's in the intensive care unit where they monitor vital signs and keep a closer eye on you and see if there's improvement or at the same time if he worseness. that's why they have them there. >> do you have any sense -- it's difficult from here from the reports we're getting and spokes people are telling us the positive signs. any sense on what your gut reaction is to his condition? >> well, don't forget he's in his 80s and enjoyed good health. had other health concerns we're worried about. >> talk to us about that. >> i know that he surface from parkinson's disease. concerns or conditions affecting your health that puts you at increased risk for complications from other disorders such as protracted bronchitis, which can lead to pneumonia. elderly people are prone to pneumonia. that's a concern i'm sure
1:39 pm
so what they're doing is trying to figure out the source of his fever and keep him well in our irished. he's on a liquid diet. when you're under a protracted illness you need to be nourishedded properly. it's tough to get in a hospital setting, a good diet and exercise. so hopefully he's getting that in the hospital. >> we'll leave it there. thank you very much for joining us. the reason i cut that short. can you get that shot, harry reid just left the white house as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you. meeting over lawmakers not take to the cameras. that's what it is. a bad sign likely. we'll hear live from the white house when we come up. she keeps you guessing.
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>> we're going to go to ed henry outside the white house. we've seen all four leaders leave. >> what is interesting, you were asking if they were going to come to the cameras. all the leaders from senator reid and the senate to speaker boehner on the house side didn't go to the cameras. we're told speaker boehner was not planning to go back to the capital after the meeting with president obama. that would not be good signs
1:43 pm
headed towards a deal. if they had a framework, you can bet they would come out to the cameras and tout the fact they were bringing this together, especially since the markets took a hit this afternoon on the signs they're far from a deal. secondlied the fact speaker boehner didn't go back to the a to huddle with leadership, maybe the lawmakers are home and not in washington, but it doesn't look like anyone's rushing out ready to put together a deal. the buffeted criticism today from senator la mar alexander noting the last time these leaders came together with the president was shortly after the election. he charged it's presidential leadership that's missing that needs to get this deal done. the president hasn't pushed hard enough for a deal. the white house response to all that is something you noted earlier, which is that when
1:44 pm
speaker boehner brought up last week a plan to only raise taxes on those making $1 million or more, he couldn't even get enough of his fellow house republicans to support that. the white house reads that as speaker boehner can't deliver the votes and republicans have been blocking the president's efforts to get a deal. obviously the republicans like speaker boehner are trying to find middle ground. speaker boehner talked about raising rates on people making $400,000 or more but clearly his conference on capitol hill is not willing to support anything close to that. we appear to still be far from a deal with just a couple days to go. >> i'm handed this piece of paper from the hill, our producer on the hill who says pelosi off camera said i think it moved us forward, talking about the meeting, and it was candid and instructive.
1:45 pm
yet speaker boehner decides not to go back to the capital. >> it's interesting. the other part of this of course is that as we reported on the way into the meeting we were told by an official on the democratic side that the president was going to say, look, here's my proposal, in terms of this slimmed down bill dealing just with taxes and smaller spending cuts, not major entitlement and 2 millionu)qv'e getting unemployment benefits extended if you have a counter proposal, the president said in the meeting, put it on the table now. otherwise give an up and down vote on the president's plan the. if leader pelosi thinks it's constructive, maybe the republicans put a counter on the table or agreed to a vote. i doubt if they agreed to a vote but we'll see if republicans put a counter on the table. we've seen offers, counters a we're running out of time.
1:46 pm
>> thank you. did you happen to catch these million-dollar? reid, boehner, running dictatorship on fiscal cliff. that was from harry reid. analysis, g.o.p. policies led to fiscal cliff blowup. why are republicans all painted as obstructionists and democrats seem to go a free pass? mark han a says republicans are the ones to blame. hannah, what do you mean republicans are obstruction insists always? spending is the problem, is it not? >> no, look, we have a huge problem with revenue now. the revenue through taxes last year was as low as ever. right now we don't have the money -- hold on, sir, you can't throw a know like that and say as low as ever. revenues have been going up. >> in recent memory. >> for decades.
1:47 pm
>> president obama has presided over the lowest tax rate in mod hern history and decades. we're trying to role back taxes for people making over $250,000 a year. what john boehner is doing by letting us go off the fiscal cliff is raising every american's income taxes in about a week by not negotiating with the white house. he -- he's in a awkward position, he can't even get his own party to back his own republican proposals, so what we're seeing is congressmen and congress women are on vacation, senate is in session, the white house is there. everybody's working except congress. >> you know and i know congress is coming back sunday. michelle, talk about this. mark says it's not a revenue problem. it is a revenue problem, it's not a spending problem. what do you see? >> z we're not on the verge of fiscal cliff, we have already gone over the of fiscal cliff.
1:48 pm
look at our problem with spending, how bloated our government is. we're $16 trillion in debt. something needs to be done. this year we're going to spend $165 billion more than we receive in social security. $3 we're going to spend for every 65 we receive in social security in medicare. this is absolutely -- we need to stop. this is not fair to young people. it's not fair for future generations they have to inherit this debt. something needs to be done. >> i agree. what do we do when we have personal debt? we raise our income, we want to raise our revenue and cut spending. >> we're not going to take -- >> we put it forward and we've cut spending cut $.5 trillion last year. >> where? >> i want to take money from the private sector and give it to a bunch of bureau kratz. let the money stay in the private sector. don't raise taxes when we have a slow economy. >> why are you telling me that? tell john boehner not to raise
1:49 pm
taxes. he'll raise them on all of us. the congress is on taxes. everything -- we shouldn't be debating this. congress should because tax bills, as you know, have to start, the constitution says, in the house of representatives. the fact that the white house is negotiating with the senate is a little bit surreal and ridiculous. >> hold on a second, mark. >> michelle, mark is right, it has to start in the house with spending or tax bills but there are two bills the house passed that are sitting in the senate. >> we ought to go over the fiscal cliff. i think we shouldn't make a deal where we're not -- we shouldn't raise taxes. we need entitlement reform, then we can talk. if there's no real entitlement reform, there's nothing we can do. democrats spend, spend, spend. now they have the bill, the fiscal cliff and they don't like the result. what are they going to do? it's time you actually put a stop -- >> we're going to have to leave
1:50 pm
it there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a case of extreme helicopter parents sued by their daughter for stalking but is what they did really that bad? you're legal eagles are on the case coming up. ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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a parents' love is unconditional and sending kids to college is hard. when you plant monitoring software on their computer is it going too far? one student things so, sued her parent and won, but is it justified. >> with us, remi spencer and mila. let me throw it out. i have a 14-year-old and all for monitoring everything i can possibly monitor. >> i'm a mother of two daughters and let me tell you something, a parent's primary responsibility is the safety and welfare of children. they parents loved her, cared for her, watched out for her. if something went wrong the first question would be where were the parents? why weren't they involved? here you have parents to care, to do, who go that extra mile. i'm with the parents all the way. >> come on, remi, you can't
1:54 pm
disagree, with can you? >> i agree a parents' responsibility is to care for the child and make they're they're protected but the point is not that this person is a child because she's not. this was a 21-year-old adult woman who, by all accounts, was succeeding in college and life. the fact that these parents are worried about their child does not allow them to break the. they can't violate her right to privacy. she has a right to be free from stalking, harassment, spying. your parent duties and obligations and heart doesn't stop feeling for their child because they're 21, 40, or 60. because she's a successful young woman, that's part and parcell of good upbringing. >> maybe she didn't hatch as a young woman. they raised her and taught her
1:55 pm
right and watched out for her, her to cause stalking charges? >> it doesn't give the parents the right to break the law. >> no laws were broke. they were never arrested or charged. >> they were held to have violated the state law against stalking. there was a restraining order issued by the judge. >> listen, i respect the -- no apparent reason. >> the courts aren't always right. >> you cannot ignore our criminal laws and are violate rights because you're worried. even if this was a 7-year-old child, the law, everybody would agree, there's a line between what is right and what is wrong. >> let me -- backtrack a little bit. i agree with you on a lot of what you said but at some point, cut the umbilical cord. >> did they go overboard, yes. did they mean well? yes.
1:56 pm
they didn't hurt her. they didn't do anything aggressively. she said her parents embarrassed her. you and i would agree, if the benchmark was parents embarrassing their children, every parent would have a restraining oryer against them. >> what if the young lady was still going to school paid for by the parents? >> the fact her parents paid for college makes them very good parents but it doesn't give them the right to put key stroke software on her computer. >> even if they bought the computer and cell phone. >> it's illegal in most states to record someone without their knowledge and consent. they could have conditioned her college tuition or computer on their desire to monitor her. if she knew about it. if it wasn't deceptive, if it wasn't sneaky, it would not have been unlawful. let's remember, the law does protect people in familiar
1:57 pm
relationships. she has a greater right to be free from stalking because it's domestic violence. >> is there a age at which the parent should no longer be able to stalk their kids? >> i don't think they say stalking. >> is there a age -- i'll put spy softwaren a kid's cell phone. >> that's not the kid's cell phone. mom and dad are paying for it. it's mom and dad's. >> it's not accurate. when mom and dad buy something and give it them, it's a gift. >> you don't know the conditions. >> 21 years old, you're an adult, free from harassment and stalking. >> then she shouldn't accept things from her parents because we don't know under what conditions they were given. >> it's an interesting debate but the courts found in favor of the daughter. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much. hopefully, hopefully, our parents don't still have stalking devices on our cell
1:58 pm
phones and computers. thank you, everybody. have a fantastic, great weekend. i've had a great time filling in fore neil,, cavuto will be back next week. the five is on next. i'll be over there in two minutes. have great weekend. greenbrier
1:59 pm
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